Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

This high-science device combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity on-the-move and under any condition. Simply lock the Hydrocore fuel into the Hydrogen Reactor™ to power USB devices like smartphones, tablet computers, UV water purifiers, rechargeable lights, portable game consoles, GPS transceivers and more.

Remember when fuel cells cost millions of dollars, could only be afforded by NASA, and were powered by liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen that was known to explode? Of course not, you weren’t born yet. Well maybe you were since the Space Shuttle used them.

Brunton now sells an affordable fuel cell system called the Hydrogen Reactor. Designed for the back country, but adaptable to emergencies, a single Hydrocore will provide the power of a fistful of batteries.

This is but one more sign that the future has indeed arrived. Watch the video above and check out the links and reviews below.

Whether or not you have a use for this there is no denying the coolness factor.

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   B&H Photo



   The HikeLine

   YouTube Video Reviews

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