Octomore 7.3 Review on Malt-Review.com

If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I dearly love Bruichladdich Octomore hyper-peated malt whisky. I bought a bottle of the Octomore 6.3 and 7.1 from thewhiskyexchange (could not find locally here in Texas) and ended up buying a second bottle of the 6.3 to hold in reserve. … Continue reading Octomore 7.3 Review on Malt-Review.com


From: http://www.bruichladdich.com/the-whisky/octomore/063-258-ppm OCTOMORE 06.3/ 258 PPM ISLAY BARLEY 2009 64% ABV FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME WE ARE PROUD TO RELEASE OCTOMORE WHISKY DISTILLED FROM 100% ISLAY BARLEY AND HARVESTED IN 2008 BY FARMER JAMES BROWN AT LORGBA, A SINGLE FIELD ON HIS OCTOMORE FARM. Peated to a stratospheric 258ppm, the highest ever released in … Continue reading OCTOMORE 06.3


BRUICHLADDICH PROGRESSIVE HEBRIDEAN DISTILLERS OCTOMORE/06.1_167 Touch the image above (you want to touch it) to go to the Bruichladdich OCTOMORE 06.1 SCOTTISH BARLEY webpage. THE WORLD’S MOST HEAVILY PEATED WHISKY, THIS IS THE SIXTH EDITION OF THE UBER-EXPERIMENTAL CULT OCTOMORE. Titanic amounts of peat but with a light, delicate complexity and a beguiling finesse. Young, … Continue reading OCTOMORE 06.1 SCOTTISH BARLEY Déjà Vu


OCTOMORE SCOTTISH BARLEY http://www.bruichladdich.com/the-whisky/octomore/octomore-06-1-scottish-barley I just snagged a bottle. The stock photo above is better than anything I could take. Click the photo or the link to go the the official Bruichladdich webpage. I can tell you that I like it (I had better at almost $200 a bottle). It is not a sweet as … Continue reading OCTOMORE 06.1

OCTO X Whiskey Review

OCTO X 08.8/ 2064 PPM 88% ABV From the website: Peated to an exospheric 2064 PPM, eight times that of the previous record holder OCTOMORE 06.3/, this extraordinary dram embodies its Islay origins and carries its phenol count like a Falcon soaring into the sky. TASTING NOTES Character Mind blowing in potency with perfect balance. … Continue reading OCTO X Whiskey Review

Rum Goddess …

… from the lower east side Last month while making a pilgrimage to my old stomping grounds to attend to family matters, I hooked up with Pegasuspilot after a 27 year hiatus. I introduced him to OCTOMORE, and he introduced me to Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 rum. I left him with the open bottle of … Continue reading Rum Goddess …


I have consolidated several links to this page. As you might guess these are from 2014 and prior. History … Mine, mostly Welcome to the Future Apollo 11 Main Engines Found 44 Years Today 2001 Wrestling with Worry Happiness   Satire … Or is it? ATF Carbon Dioxide   Whiskey … Usually Single Malt Ralfy … Continue reading Stuff

Port Charlotte Heavily Peated Islay Single Malt

After watching dozens of Ralfy videos on YouTube, I decided to be more adventurous in my scotch purchases. My idea was to have a good supply from various distillers at various price points. For reference, my benchmark range for a “good” Single Malt is $40 to $70. This is sipping whisky. Savored first neat, then … Continue reading Port Charlotte Heavily Peated Islay Single Malt