People who have never had pets don’t understand. Pets are your children who never really grow up. They never stop loving you or needing you. They don’t move away to live their own lives. They don’t judge. You never become “lame” or old in their eyes. Patches would wait in the window every day for … Continue reading Grief

The view from my lap

Foreground to background: Patches, Hillary, Pickles … minutes later Foreground to background: Pickles, Hillary Note the toy mouse in front. It is a poor substitute for the real mouse that Pickles caught hiding under the refrigerator earlier this week. With the colder weather it must have snuck in to get warm. Hillary and Pickles doubled-teamed … Continue reading The view from my lap

Phoenix – A Tribute May 24, 2010 PASADENA, Calif. – NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander has ended operations after repeated attempts to contact the spacecraft were unsuccessful. A new image transmitted by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows signs of severe ice damage to the lander’s solar panels. “The Phoenix spacecraft succeeded in its investigations and exceeded its planned … Continue reading Phoenix – A Tribute

Z Fans (You know who you are)

First the good news: I am making significant progress on Day 46. I think that you will like what I have written. I finally watched the latest StarTrek movie on pay per view. I just bought and downloaded the unrated cut of World War Z from iTunes. (Now I can find out how many of … Continue reading Z Fans (You know who you are)