Thin, Very Thin Transparent Aluminum

Transparent Aluminum I first told you about Transparent Aluminum* here. I have talked about it several times since. GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) has the technology to make thin, very thin sheets of it.   Apple has a large plant in Arizona where GTAT is making Transparent Aluminum for them by the ton (literally). Last February … Continue reading Thin, Very Thin Transparent Aluminum

Transparent Aluminum

1986 From: [Transparent Aluminum] was notably mentioned in the 1986 film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Panels of ultra-thick acrylic glass were needed to construct water tanks within their ship’s cargo bay for containing two humpback whales and tons of water. However, the Enterprise crew, without money appropriate to the period, found it … Continue reading Transparent Aluminum

Rubicon Technology

With the demise of GT Advanced Technologies, one might ask where Apple will get its Transparent Aluminum? Perhaps more accurately, who is currently supplying Apple with sapphire, since there is some question as to whether GTAT ever got the Mesa Arizona plant up and running. One answer might be … Rubicon Technology   To harvest … Continue reading Rubicon Technology

Supplying Apple

Yesterday’s Google News search on Apple had a Barron’s article on Apple’s suppliers. Apparently you can read the whole article through the Google link, but a direct link asks you to subscribe. Go figure. The basis of the article is that these stocks could get pummeled if Apple disappoints on September 9. That may or … Continue reading Supplying Apple