Cat … who?


Hi there. My name is Christian Bergman, I go by Chris, and often sign emails with cb. As luck would have it, cb is also short for cat-beard which sounds like it might make a good old timey π-rat name. I went by cat-beard for a while on this blog, but now I just go by cb. I have a day job that pays well, but it is irrelevant in the context of Contrafactual. I have read many times that one’s profession or job does not exclusively make the person. I fully subscribe to this. Although I have a lucrative day job, I have fantasies of one day becoming a writer.

I use the word fantasies because terms like hopes, dreams, plans, etc. are far too concrete. My fantasies of writing do not even include the “paid” part. At this point in time, I am curious to know if anything I write is interesting to anyone else.

In his writings, John Scalzi repeatedly recommends blogging as a way of perfecting one’s writing skills and creating a following. I am taking his advice to heart. Contrafactual is my blog. The term contrafactual is defined as that which is not true, but could be true under certain circumstances.

Fiction is quintessentially contrafactual. I intend to explore writing fiction of various genres. I also intend to offer commentary on the various aspects of writing as I encounter them. Finally, taking a page from Scalzi, I intend to write about whatever interests me at the moment.

Other random facts about me
I am married (since 1976).
I have two sons.
I have three cats that claim me and one that doesn’t.
I am a science and technology geek.
I play chess.
I drink Single Malt Scotch.
I drive a 2010 third generation Prius.
Contrafactual is written and maintained mostly on a three-year-old first-generation iPad new old iPhone 5s new iPhone 6s Plus and a new(ish) iPad Air 2.

Check out these articles to learn more about me and Contrafactual

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Wrestling with Worry


Be sure to also check out the Topics page.


You may contact me directly via email

Be seeing you …

22 thoughts on “Cat … who?

    1. Thank you for the reblog. Many, many new followers. I hope they will find value in my writing. I will try not to let them down. On second thought “do or do not, there is no try”. There is also “no spoon”, but that is entirely different …


  1. You can thank the extraordinary Opinionated Man, indirectly, for me following you, Chris. I hovered on some of the gravatars of people who, like me, find value in OM’s extensive work, and your information suggested a winner to check out. I wasn’t disappointed!

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  2. Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve appreciated your comments and likes. I look forward to following you around WordPress and reading more of your work.


  3. I guess being a “versatile” blogger means I blog about a bunch of random $##t. 🙂

    No sure why I sanitized “shit”, my characters in “The Nudist War” say it enough.

    Also if you put “shit” in quotes it’s less offensive. Quotes make it less shitty. Shit lite, if you will.

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