pain in the…face: part four

I will be reblogging these first person accounts of shingles as an incentive to those of us in our 50s and 60s to get the herpes zoster vaccine …


I understood that the postherpetic neuralgia (source of the “pain in the face”) ended after a time, but that the longer from onset of herpes zoster till treatment began, the more nerve damage there was. The more nerve damage there was, the longer the healing time. Oh, yeah. And some people never got over the pain. I predicted I was one of the latter! I mean, I tend to attract the worst, the least common, the most unusual manifestations of what can go wrong with the human body!

By August of 2007, the continuing pain affected my ability to work. I left work early on some days because of pain attacks, and the frequency alarmed me, although it all fell within my allowed sick time. I had a total of five weeks vacation a year plus holidays by that stage of my work life, and often I used vacation time…

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