Post 1075: Happy Birthday, Andy & Dougy!

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It’s here! The kitty boys have a birthday today! You can read the whole story of how I acquired the kitty brothers, written at the time I got them, by clicking on “Andy and Dougy come Home”, just above the post headline, but today is what we celebrate. Andy and Dougy are five years old today, and doing fine!

Andy was so ugly he was cute! Andy was so ugly he was cute! (This was my first look at Andy, age six weeks.) He grew up to be a beauty, as did Dougy. 

Of course, you can see how cute Andy and Dougy were at three months by looking at the top of this blog. By then, I was totally in love with them!

"Peek-a-boo!"“Peek-a-boo!” Through the years, the kitty boys have amused me, brought joy into my life! Notice his “horns” are up!

Dougy has the same idea, but wants the same carrier as Andy. He could have the bottom one, but that's not the one Andy has. Cat logic!Sometimes they have disagreements (Andy’s in the top carrier, where Dougy decided he…

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6/29/16 A Trip to TX, part 2


By this time, we were well on our way to eating ourselves through Texas. There were a number of restaurants near the hotel, or a short drive away, and we decided we’d get stuff to eat that we wouldn’t normally get at home. Besides smoky Texas BBQ, we had excellent Japanese Ramen (the real stuff), wonderful Thai, and discovered an eclectic little coffee shop that we fell in love with. We were having a great time! Jamie was working, attending meetings, and stressing. I don’t blame him! cb of course, was the host with the most.

The competition for the ROVs was in full swing. We wouldn’t see Jamie until much later in the evening, so Jim, cb, and I took a tour through Downtown Houston to the Museum of Natural Science. We went into a butterfly enclosure, scoped out the fabulous Gem Vault, and, since I was reading “Antony and…

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6/28/16 A Trip to Texas, part 1


Hi, this is Liz. Before I begin, I’d like to thank everyone for hanging in there while we took a week off for Jamie to compete in the MATE International Robotics competition. I know a lot of people like posting their vacation stuff, hence announcing to the world that they are gone and their houses are unattended, but I’m not like that, being made of more suspicious stuff.

I would secondly like to say that Maggie is sleeping a lot and healing up slowly from her adventures of being boarded. She is due to get the little staple out of her snout on July 5. Maggie was nice enough to lend me her blog so I could tell all of you about our trip.

Where to begin? We flew out a day earlier than the rest of the Robotics team. I personally wasn’t up to the grueling task of awakening at…

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