3 thoughts on “Qatar 2022 Fifa World Cup

  1. Really people are going to the Middle East . Where they can be kidnaped, & have their heads cut off , While being video . So their family’s can watch them scream to death. Oh ya! That’s where I want to go! NOT!


    1. I certainly no expert on the Arab world, but the Arabian
      Peninsula (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, UAE, etc.) have extremely modern cities, forward thinking benevolent monarchies, and the money to develop.

      I think that it is unfair to lump Qatar in with Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria, etc. where the ruling monarchs or dictators were/are actively killing and torturing their people in order to maintain they’re grip on power.

      Not every Middle Eastern country hates westerners or Americans.

      I just thought that the video was impressive. There are cities on the other side of the world that are (or will soon be) as modern as any cities of the future depicted in futuristic books and movies.


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