Another Pete Seeger story …

Zulu Delta 45

petePete Seeger; Musician, Activist, Humanitarian.  94 Years Young………

 May 3, 1919 To January 27, 2014

On some other post, I would love to write a little more about Pete Seeger. For now, I would just like to leave a humorous little story about “one day…”

My own personal story is from a few years back at the Newport Folk Festival. I was standing in the corner of the small stage area watching an ensemble of folk singers. There was Dar Williams, John Gorka, and Ellis Paul. The performers were taking turns singing one of their songs. At one point, Dar Williams, in her introduction of Ellis Paul was talking about how she and some of her neighbors were working on a project to clean up the Hudson River. Suddenly, there was a pause and she pointed almost right at me. She then said “hey, there’s one of my neighbors now.” Obviously…

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