The Lie of Multitasking

This has been one of my rants for a while.

Multi tasking is a lie.

Sendhil Panchadsaram

For all three of you that have been waiting on the sequel to my last post, I apologize this one’s taken so long to get out. Who knew writing TL;DR posts take a while? Anyhow, that being said, I wanted to pick up where I left off on my last post and start to dive into some of the findings from the books I read and continue with this series of posts on some of the harmful effects that result from how most of us use technology. For the next few posts we’ll be focusing on David Sousa’s book, “Brainwork: The Neuroscience Behind How We Lead Others”. One of the first things he addresses is the subject of multitasking and it’s detrimental effects (I hope my title was a hint).

Apparent Productivity

Multi tasking is everywhere these days, there isn’t a single person who doesn’t have several things going on at…

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