Time Whores

Selling my minutes, my hours,my days.
Striving for better than minimum wage.
Up at 6:00, snooze five minutes more,
then off to work where I’m a time whore.

When I was young I lived off the clock
and when I retire I’ll be too old to walk
very far without getting sore.
Life is a bitch when you’re a time whore.

My time’s not my own when I’m on your clock.
Sometime’s I just want to get out my Glock
And blow out my brains ’cause I know what’s in store.
Your time’s not your own when you’re a time whore.

Whether doctor or lawyer or Indian chief
you’re selling your time to a devious thief
who pays you in lucre but demands so much more.
One way or another we’re all just time whores.

Copyright © 2014 by Christian Bergman, All rights reserved.

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