Dos Maderas P.X. 5+5

My latest impulse buy …

Dos Maderas P.X. 5+5

Extremely Smooth. Once you understand how Dos Maderas P.X. 5+5 is aged, you’ll have a full appreciations of it’s deep mahogany color, a reddish brown hue like brilliant sapphire. The heavier caramel rum aromas are lifted by sweet traces of sherry …
Read the full review at Rum Gallery. Seriously, if you like rum and haven’t tried Dos Maderas P.X. 5+5, go read the review now.

Not bad for an un-educated impulse buy. Definitely in the same league as Ron Zacapa Centenario 23. I suck as a reviewer, but I know what it like. This is sweet, delicious goodness. It is like fine double casked scotch made from sugar. Mmmmm …

En Español (mostly)


Num, num, nummmmmmm …


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