Why CVS and Rite Aid are blocking Apple Pay

May be time to switch from CVS to Walgreens?


I drove my iPhone 6 to Walgreens last week to buy a tube of toothpaste.

I usually buy that kind of stuff at CVS, which is closer and open 24 hours a day. But Walgreens had Apple Pay, and I was eager to give Cupertino’s new swipe-and-pay system a whirl.

Turns out I could have gone to CVS that day. They weren’t part of Apple’s rollout, but according to team Re/code, Apple Pay worked like a charm on CVS’ checkout scanners too.

Or it did until CVS, Rite Aid and a host of other retailers turned their scanners off.

They are part of a Walmart-led consortium called MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange) that’s backed a different technology: Not the NFC (near-field communications) system that Apple (and Google) adopted, but those square QR (quick response) codes that look like the fingerprints a robot might leave.

Think about what they’re doing.”…

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