Another day …

… another set of Pickles pics.

Pickles looks at the world from a different perspective … upside down.

Pickles on the upstairs balcony

Ahh … the upside down world of Pickles

3 thoughts on “Another day …

    1. They really are photogenic. Even with a camera always ready on my iPhone, I don’t always think to take the shot or it’s too late.
      Fortunately my iPhone high speed burst mode (essentially the ability to extract individual photos from a movie). I shot a lot of burst images and posted the best ones. I wonder if I can convert the burst images back video and post that. He was literally halfway out of the rails and dancing around. I actually climbed the stairs to see if he was stuck. Nope – just having fun.


    2. The sweet part is in contention now. One or all of them are on a litter-box boycott and today I am cleaning litter-boxes, on poop patrol, and spraying “odor eliminator” on the target areas.


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