Social Media and the State of Fucks.

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To give or not to give a fuck? That is the question the modern day Shakespeare tweets. We live in a world where the population actively participates in the half pissing contest, half rocket ship-to-riches dance that is social media. In this world coolness, confidence and relevancy is established not by the quality of life lived but rather by the exchange of fucks: given and not given.

The Social Media bank stocks fucks and the bank teller is a cat meme. We simultaneously love, loathe, judge, defend, and roll our eyeballs based on fucks and let me tell you, there’s a whole mess of fucks out there that get people going. Social media is the gateway to the world of “Fucks” and I am your tour guide. I will now proceed to examine the almighty fuck, given and not given respectively.

To Give A Fuck

Take 60 seconds, open any…

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