182 Days

It is now 402 days since I posted the last installment of The Nudist War on May 31st of last year.

No more excuses. I will get back to work on TNW – Day 57 soon, very soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy the summer of reblogs.


3:09 AM on November 29th and I just calculated (using one of those web calculators) that it has been 182 Days since I last published anything onThe Nudist War (TNW).

What can I say? What excuse can I give? Writer’s block? Too busy at work? Too busy at home? Lack of interest?

The truth is most likely all of the above. Writing The Nudist Warwas an escape from reality, an escape from life. Now I am in the thick of both. Too tired or busy to write after work at night. Otherwise occupied on the weekends.

Sure I blog (or re-blog) the odd bit of news that interests me. The cats continue to be somehow more photogenic everyday. I even continue to get new followers. But I am not writing. Not writing.

I closely follow the stock market, nursing my 401k along. Buying low, selling high, developing…

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