When a man who works for the CIA makes 1,000,000,000,

Drug money to buy guns for a war that makes many people rich.

What crimes are committed here in our government agencies,

Crack cocaine distributed throughout the city of Los Angeles for sale.

From the FBI, CIA, and other orginizations there is abuse and corruption,

There is no law when those whom make the laws and enforce them break them.

Who do we trust when we know we can not trust our countries leaders,

It all makes sense as not a thing makes any sense when corruption is a disease.

A man, a journalist sacrificed everything for what he believed in, he lost all,

Gary Webb did accuse a higher power of wrong doing, their knowledge of crimes.

He lost his wife, backs of co-workers were turned on him, wrong were many,

Never again as a journalist, mysteriously died aloneā€¦

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