Top Five Overused Phrases On Social Media

I tried to read this to the Mrs but was laughing too hard to get through it on the first attempt …

tonysbologna : Honest. Satirical. Observations

Social Media is a tepid pond filled to its foamy brim with best intentions disguised behind a whirlwind of characters and dancing emoticons. I must ask you something: do you like seeing an overly ambitious timeline powered by overfed and undernourished phrases on social media? Cool, me neither. Assembled below is a *Not so completely serious* list of the top five overused pop culture phrases carelessly farting around on a social media platform nearest you. You’re welcome.

1.) “You’re a gem”


To a jewelry man, you know, a bonafide rock man, this phrase certainly must make them smile. “You’re a gem” No you’re a gem. I mean it! Seriously you’re a gem. Holy shit a gem just spoke to me. Am I dreaming. Oh my God I’m not. Oh shit. Wow, a rock just spoke to me. Fuck me, was I drugged? You know what? I was drugged…

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