What these brands mottos should really say…

Truth in advertising …

A Girl In Europe

The world of advertising is a powerful and manipulating place, but hwo wonderful would these brands really be if they told DUNDUNDUNNNNN the truth…

‘We will take hours of your life by uploading cat video after cat video’


‘We will make you think you can dance…you can’t (and susan from work will video you trying to)’


Yup, we’re just basically really expensive flavoured milk…’


‘Come into our shops, feel bad about yourself and lose your ability to bw okay with daylight…’


You know you want it! You know you want to see Karens lunch for the 6th consecutive day in a row…’


‘We dare you…try not to eat a whole pack…just try’


‘Come follow our wise and wonderfulrude sales advisers and we’ll contour the shit out of your face…’


‘I hope you enjoy a broken screen, ooh our inability to stay unbroken ia just so appealing’



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