Some 40+ years ago I developed a deep abiding hatred of hypocrisy. This has been the foundation for my views on politics, business, religion, and interpersonal relationships. I have mellowed much since then. Life rounds off the sharp corners.

Option 2 is wise. A lot to be said for compassion …

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Life makes hypocrites of us all at one point or another.  Two choices:

  1. When it’s not your turn as the villain, be that nagging/obstructive voice that wallows in the enjoyment of pointing out others’ hypocrisy…Or.
  2. Fully integrate this knowledge.  Intuit when it is constructive to point out hypocrisy and when it serves no purpose, and it is better to just be compassionate.  Because you know:  You’ve been there, you’ve done that.

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