“Touching” Videos of Patches

Patches does a very gentle and sweet thing when she wants attention. She walks up and gently touches you with her paw … almost like a dog giving you its paw, yet different. Maybe it’s her way of showing affection. You be the judge.

Like most things in life, I never seem to have the camera ready when I want it. I had to shoot a lot of video and then edit it down for the above two scenes. To see them again just refresh the webpage.

4 thoughts on ““Touching” Videos of Patches

  1. My cat Andy does this on my arm. Like you, I wanted to get it on video. Unlike you, I’ve failed to do it so far! He also touches me on the knee if I’m sitting on the edge of my bed and he wants me to get up to “feed the kitties”, that most popular first thing in the morning activity!

    His brother Dougy, on the other hand, is a kitty thig about letting me know it’s time to get out of bed to feed the kitties. He hops up on the bed and walks up and down me, stopping every so often to knead whatever body part is there to knead: He does still have claws….! Anyway, I can’t ignore Dougy very long.

    Lately he’s added an irritated meow to the repertoire of “wake the human” tricks, but (no pun intended) the worst thing is he sticks his face in mine, tickling me, then he turns around quickly to let me have a dose of kitty butt. I can move pretty fast when I know that’s coming!

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    1. You’ve see my “Feed The Kitties” videos. Hillary and Pickles ambush me loudly for cookies. They always have a heaping bowl of dry food so they are never starving.

      At night in bed Pickles will jump up on me to say high. He is very heavy.

      Pickles and Hillary want their asses inspected first thing when jump up. Must be cat protocol?

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