So, Jesus’s mother…

This is just too funny …

Dave Whatt

But first…
Dulltown, Europe: Today’s peacock is the drab nunty one.

‘So anyway, Mary, in the bible…’
‘Which one?’
“Which one?’ Are there more than one?’
‘Yes, at least two.’
‘Oh yes, there’s the Virgin Mary, and there’s Mary Mag….’
Virgin Mary?’
‘Yes… Of course.’
‘Ah yes, I remember now, it was a sort of miracle wasn’t it? She is Virgin Jesus’s mother, right?… Oh, and by the way, what did her husband, good old Joseph, think about all this? I don’t suppose that gets a mention in the book.’
‘I don’t know… and anyway, he’s not called the Virgin Jesus!’
‘Oh? Why not? Did he have sex then?’
‘No, certainly not!’
‘Well he’d be a virgin then.’
‘Yes, but he’s not called that!’
‘Well, that’s not very even-handed is it? His mum gets the title and he’s just plain old Jesus.’
‘Don’t be silly, he’s not…

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