9 Reasons – Why you should be Kinder

I aspire to be like this. Most days I succeed. Sometimes I don’t, but later wish I had.

Have you ever had a off day? You know the type of day where everything seems to go wrong, where it seems like every person you interact with has a personal vendetta against you. Like all the people and things you deal with are completely against you. I am not even being dramatic here, because we have all been there, you just cant seem to catch a break.

Think about the last day you felt like that. Work, family, friends, finances any number of things can add to stress, shaping a day that has the potential to plummet into sadness. But what about when you are in that terrible mood and you share your frustrations with the people you interact with? You spread the negative vibe. A domino effect begins.

What if you spread the vibe with someone else and you later found out that person has a mother who is dyng of cancer…

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