Hello, It’s Me: Why I Am Basically Adele

So as you can see in the comments, I snagged Adele’s 21 off iTunes and have been listening on my commute. I like her and I can see (or rather hear) why she is so popular.

So far my top three songs on 21 are:
Rumour Has It
Set Fire to the Rain

Crummy Cooks & Cats

Wolfie is generally a pretty easy-going cat.

Clearly a model. And clearly a model.

He tolerates being picked up and belly rubs, seldom scratches the furniture, and barely bats a whisker when his brother bulldozes into him. Which is good, because Jupiter is OBSESSED with Wolfie. (Don’t get me wrong, I love my sweet Orange, but he is ANNOYING.)

*gazes adoringly* *gazes adoringly*

Jupe follows Wolfie everywhere and has no social skills to speak of. I think I speak better cat than Jupiter does. He flops onto Wolfie when Wolfie is sleeping, grooms him the wrong way, and is such an incredible pest that I think most other cats would have eaten him already.

Basically, Wolfie’s a saint.

And a very pretty one, at that. And a very pretty one, at that.

EXCEPT when I play Adele or sing.

First, Wolfie stares at me. Then he meows. Then he runs (which is a sight to behold because we are still working on getting his…

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