Thank You for Serving Your Country…..

Dogpaddling Through Life

There are veterans in my life who left their homes, their families, and all that was comfortable and familiar to fight for…….


In World War II it was easy. It was clear who our enemy was and why were there. In the Pacific we fought Japan because Japan brought the war to our doorstep. And we went to Europe because Jeb Bush missed his chance to kill Baby Hitler. Actually, to be really simplistic about it, we had to go because Hitler was winning, which meant it was just a matter of time before he was knocking on our door. Better to go after him there than wait until he’d had time to recover from conquering Europe and was strong enough to kick our ass in our own backyard.

Yep, there he is- my favorite WW2 vet. Yep, there he is- my favorite WW2 vet.

But the Vietnam War brought a change in consciousness to us. We began to…

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