Taking you all to School Friday Giftures

Ah giftures … I’m eating pizza right now

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This is the kind of week I dream about.  I was off this whole week so I could watch the kids, so my wife could go on a trip.  This was my chance to be lazy.  The chance for me to lay on the couch, watch TV and do not much.  Well, that’s all it turned out to be.  Apparently, even though I didn’t have work, the kids still had school.  So I ended up not so much sitting around, but driving a lot.  There was like 8 trips to the airport, a couple of trips to the grocery store, and way too many trips to the school.  And the learning.  Why do they teach kids so many things these days? Next time you turn around they are going to want college students to know basic multiplication.  All I know was I was like a bus driver, because I took…

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