I am Human

My co-worker and office mate is Egyptian and Muslim. Islam is as much a culture and a heritage as a religion. Mohamed, yes his name is Mohamed – a very common Muslim name, is the kindest, gentlest, man I know and I am proud to call him my friend. ISIS does not represent all of Islam, in fact the majority of its victims have been Muslim.


This morning my heart weeps; the world has again been struck by tragedy. Over 150 victims killed in six separate terrorist attacks in and around Paris, France with IS apparently taking responsibility for these attacks.


As you all know I live in a country that is 98% Muslim.  Most Muslims are ordinary, peace-loving people with their own set of dreams and problems and should be treated with the same respect we give to any other fellow human being. These are not people bred with hatred.

Today my Facebook feed is filled with putrid spewings of hatred from people who I have long considered friends.  I am shocked by some of the statements made.  Do you feel that way about all Muslims?  What about The Turk?  Do you feel that way about him as well?  Should he be vilified for his religion.  Of course not.  To one particular person who wrote on their…

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