The Round Tower of Kildare

Fascinating structure
Awesome photographs

Ed Mooney Photography

DSC_9702 (426x640)

It has been a long time since I last visited the magnificent Round Tower in Kildare Town. Located a few meters away from St. Brigid’s Cathedral, it really is one of the most impressive Round Towers in the country. In fact at 108 ft. in height it has bragging rights as the second tallest Round Tower still standing in Ireland, and it is also the tallest Tower that can still be climbed. Interestingly the Round Tower in Glendalough which I visited last year holds the record for the tallest Tower in Ireland, standing at approx. 113ft in height. But as Kildare does not have a conical cap, I wonder might this have changed the rankings? This ancient site which has had a long connection with both the Gaelic Deity Brigid, but also the Christian saint whom shared the same name. Sometimes it is quite difficult to distinguish the difference…

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