Dawn's Nights

Right, I needed some fun, a friend of mine posted some screenshots on FB and I decided I’d share a few here.

With this one, I’m wondering… what was Emily’s finger doing in Julian’s buckle in the first place, huh?!

The next one is one I’d seen already… still funny 🙂

I quite like this one, because it’s true, we need to keep our focus on the important things, right?

To think that they fondled for the first time… how did they get a kid in the first place, hey? But the auto erect… nice touch!

As for the next one… as I told a blogger friend this morning, to each their own 😉

But, all of these really beg the question: how did these words get into their dictionary?

Do you now understand why I switched my auto correct off? It gave the weirdest results when I was still…

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