Post 1075: Happy Birthday, Andy & Dougy!


It’s here! The kitty boys have a birthday today! You can read the whole story of how I acquired the kitty brothers, written at the time I got them, by clicking on “Andy and Dougy come Home”, just above the post headline, but today is what we celebrate. Andy and Dougy are five years old today, and doing fine!

Andy was so ugly he was cute! Andy was so ugly he was cute! (This was my first look at Andy, age six weeks.) He grew up to be a beauty, as did Dougy. 

Of course, you can see how cute Andy and Dougy were at three months by looking at the top of this blog. By then, I was totally in love with them!

"Peek-a-boo!"“Peek-a-boo!” Through the years, the kitty boys have amused me, brought joy into my life! Notice his “horns” are up!

Dougy has the same idea, but wants the same carrier as Andy. He could have the bottom one, but that's not the one Andy has. Cat logic!Sometimes they have disagreements (Andy’s in the top carrier, where Dougy decided he…

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