You can’t always get what you want …

But if you try, sometime you just might find, you get what you need

The revolution WAS televised.

BBC live coverage “No one saw this coming” (Yoo-hoo … BREXIT?)

Many of you reading this will turn off now – but if you have not already watched it – please watch Donald Trump’s acceptance video below. This is not the Trump on the campaign trail. This is a very presidential Donald Trump. 

The Twitter-verse is awash with angry women and minorities both here and across the world, taking all of this very personally. I have friends and relatives who are very angry now. I have other friends and neighbors here in Texas who never thought this would happen but are relieved and pleased that it did. This was not merely an election – it was a revolution. 

Just remember that pre-election rhetoric is just that. What matters now is deeds. I do so hope that Trump can live up to his acceptance speech.

4 thoughts on “You can’t always get what you want …

  1. I dare to believe that the US got the best bet for our future. I am also well aware that many believe the ‘mud’ about Trump as well as the persona Hillary projects. Yes, Trump is loud, opinionated and in some cases, has been downright rude, but my research indicates he is the better leader. For weeks, I’ve been violating a personal rule about not talking about politics because I knew things about Hillary – scary things. I was too squeamish to actually post about the worst things, but Alex recently did a segment on her and he showed us the ‘real person’ behind he politically acceptable image:


    1. I have many good friends and relatives on both sides of this issue. I just want to move forward.

      I voted for Obama – twice. I am still very proud that America could elect him twice. I believe that history will prove him to have been a great orator, but an ineffectual leader. We are no better off now than we were eight years ago and are embroiled in yet another war – Syria – in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan paid for by trillions of dollars created out of thin air.

      The vote for Trump was a vote against the status quo. The majority of Americans wanted change and saw Hillary as same ol’ same ol’. Trump will no doubt bring change, I just hope that it is the change we need, if not the change we want. Alternatively he may have been saddled with a system so broken that it it can’t be fixed in which case I will continue to ask “where are we going and why are we in this hand basket?”

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      1. I voted for Obama the first time, but didn’t like either option the 2nd time … I agree that he is/was an excellent orator (I would add charismatic, which is not anything I can say for either candidate we had this time.) I did not vote the 2nd time because of the ineffectual leader aspect, so we agree there, too.
        I am also positive that Trump will bring change and optimistic that it will be good for our country… “We the People” were the ones who supported him while Big Business, Banks and Saudi’s were Clinton’s primary supporters, thus I also expect there to be ‘aftershocks’ in the financial markets, when her supporters realize that their investment will not come to fruition. (IMHO, that is a good thing.)


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