1/17/17 The “Mischief With Maggie” Series has launched!


Dear Readers,

Maggie and I have been quiet a while. We have been busily reworking our previous manuscript. I am proud and pleased to announce that the first book in the “Mischief With Maggie” series is published in both ebook (Kindle) format and paperback. They are available at Amazon.com.


The paperback edition is available for $4.00 US. This book is not illustrated because the photos I had were not high res enough for the software. A disappointment, but nonetheless, I humbly offer it to you.

This is the picture you will see for the ebook:


The ebook sells for $1.50 US.

This first story outlines the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of adopting not just a shelter dog, but the longest-term resident of the shelter, and a dog classified as a “Pit bull” to boot.

Thank you to my WP family for all your support. It has been a very long time coming…

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2 thoughts on “1/17/17 The “Mischief With Maggie” Series has launched!

  1. A big day today: Maggie’s book (finally) is out and I ordered my copy, and I managed to get banned from Facebook for posting too much as too fast. Apparently they think I am a spammer. My link on my blog to Facebook disappeared, so I imagine my blog won’t show up there either. Incredible! But now I’ll have plenty of time to read Maggie’s book!


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