Is This How You’ll Be Getting To Work Soon?!!

Practically issues aside … this rocks!


Wecome to the future!

When this first came out a lot of people across the net thought it was fake. It’s very real! The flying hoverboard is designed by Franky Zapata of Zapata Racing (who makes the water based version also). It had been in development for 4 years when he took it out for it’s first test run.

It has 4 x 250 horsepower engines and the intention was to create something that could make a man fly despite being so small. He wanted it to operate without helicoptery bits or a large jet backpack that indeed people would think it was not possible and it was a hoax.

He succeeded.

Next Zapata is talking about flying for longer lengths and flying cloud high. He is musing about  government and safety clearances…so who knows??!!

You thought your car insurance was high? Imagine the insurance on this baby! 😯

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2 thoughts on “Is This How You’ll Be Getting To Work Soon?!!

  1. That’s a lot of dust it stirs up…. It is unlikely to be a major transportation item in future, much like the Chrysler turbine cars in the 1960s, for reasons less to do with whether they worked than their exhaust. Looks like fun, though! I’d try it, if not so high as the guy in the video.


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