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Make Money Great Again

Sign the petition at https://www.mmga.org/

A petition to be presented to President Donald Trump to sign an Executive Order that allows a choice in currency consistent with the spirit and intent of the Constitution. https://www.mmga.org/#choice


We The People request the new administration Make Money Great Again; that gold and silver may freely be used as money alongside United States dollars.

The Constitution explicitly recognizes gold and silver as money. We therefore petition that:

  1. All tax discrimination against gold and silver must cease, including the removal of all capital gains tax on holdings of, and transactions in gold and silver, and;
  2. That all impediments to using gold and silver as constitutionally-recognized money be removed.

We Petition the Administration to sign this Executive Order to Make Money Great Again.


The full text of the proposed executive order is below and HERE (PDF)

Sign the petition at https://www.mmga.org/


Happiness is … a state of mind.

As I read through Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, I keep thinking that I must have read it before. I find myself agreeing with everything I read, and realizing that I practice what he preaches. I am not bragging or boasting, merely observing.

One of the chapters deals with happiness and the observation that one can choose to be happy … or not. Just as I have chosen not to worry, I have chosen to be happy. Now lest you think that I am a self-righteous fool who thinks himself to be a saint, let me assure you that I am far from perfect. Coworkers tell me I don’t smile enough. My excuse is that I am just deep in thought usually trying to find a solution to some work-related problem. Even so, I must work on smiling more.

In conclusion, you can choose to be happy. Why not do so?

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