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Ralfy is a perfect example of my philosophy that one is not solely defined by his or her profession. If you love Scotch and you have searched the web for Scotch reviews, you know Ralfy.

Never heard of Ralfy? Go ahead. Google Ralfy. I’ll wait. Too lazy? Sigh.
OK then, click >> here <<

Ralfy may be only one of several whisky bloggers, but to my taste he is the most entertaining and credible. He is certainly one of the most prolific and consistent whisky reviewers in the whisky world. Ralfy is a celebrity. I have enjoyed his many YouTube Whisky Reviews. If Ralfy likes it, I know I will like it.

Where am I going with all this, besides of course directing you to an excellent source of whiskey information (for those of you who love whisky)?

Ralfy is an undertaker.

You can read a 2009 interview with him here.

Author’s Note: I broke my rule about adding links. I hope you enjoyed them.