Arrrggghhhh …

… to quote Charlie Brown.

Every time I reread my initial posts, I find more typos. Not misspelled words, just perfectly valid wrong words. I assure you that I have read and reread each of my posts for spelling and punctuation before posting. Incorrect spelling looks so amateurish. Unfortunately I seem to read what I expect to see and not what is really there.

Even worse there appears to be a disconnect between brain and fingers. I frequently wonder how what I wanted to type turned into what I actually typed. I blame autocorrect. Were these text messages or emails I might be less concerned (although I do strive for accuracy in my emails), but this is alleged to be a literary blog. Please accept my sincere apologies. I will strive to correct this.

One other point, after some deliberation I have decided to eliminate or at least reduce the number of external links. Chances are that since you are reading this, your Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engine skills are probably pretty good. Feel free to leave a comment if you prefer me to add more external links.

3 thoughts on “Arrrggghhhh …

  1. I periodically go back and re-read my earlier blogs.

    It stuns me, amazes me, embarrasses me how many errors of all sorts I find! I go ahead and re-write a sentence fragment to make a complete thought. I correct misused words. I add an “o” to “to” or whatever’s needed to make sure readers understand I understand the difference between “to”, “too”, and “two”, one of which I intended to use. And more.

    I feel your pain, brother! The vicissitude of undetected errors helps keep us humble on top of being stunned, amazed, and embarrassed!


    1. I think, well actually I assume, that blog readers are more tolerant of errors than readers of literature. To my way of thinking a quick blog entry could be a kind of higher level email. Just getting the thought out is more important than perfection.

      But I am trying to perfect my writing skills and to this end I am really trying to make it perfect, but I will settle for it at least being correct.


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