The Nudist War serialized novel has got me thinking about supplies one might want to stock up on in the event of SHTF or TEOTWAWKI scenarios. There are plenty of survival and doomsday prepper sites on the web, I won’t attempt to address everything. One thing is almost certain, in a truly catastrophic situation money will become worthless. Even gold may loose its luster – you can’t eat gold. Enter Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.


If you drink, stocking up on a good supply of your favorite spirits only makes sense. For one, it won’t go bad. For another, you can always drink it even if the world doesn’t go to hell in a hand basket. If you stock a variety, you will always have a selection at home without the need to go to the store if unexpected guests stop by. If you stock a good supply, you will never need to risk an inebriated trip to the liquor store to restock. Spirits last forever and don’t take up a lot of storage space. Imbibed spirits can be used as an anesthetic. High-proof spirits can be used as an antiseptic and, in special cases, fuel. If the world does go to hell in a hand basket, chances are you or someone you know will need a good stiff drink. Perhaps most important, your spirit hoard can be used to barter for other goods, like food or medicine. Last but not least, nothing Wins Friends and Influences People like being the local barkeep in an otherwise dry town.


Fewer and fewer people smoke these days, at least in the States. If you are a smoker, imagine suddenly having to go cold turkey because the supply has dried up. Stocking up on your favorite smokes only makes sense. Even if you aren’t a smoker, stocking up on an assortment of tobacco products, will give you a valuable currency. In this case hermetically sealed tobacco tins and rolling papers could be a good investment.

Consider this, in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Americans working in Russia would buy cartons of duty-free Marlboro Red hard box cigarettes before clearing customs. The cigarettes were used as tips and were very popular. Russians at that time were heavy smokers and really liked the Marlboro Red hard packs. Even if the recipient didn’t smoke, they could always use them as a non-depreciating currency.


Of course you will need be able to defend your hoard of Alcohol and Tobacco. Nothing does this better than a good supply of Firearms and ammunition. When SHTF or TEOTWAWKI arrives, you may face hoards of have-nots trying to take what you have. Without your own private arsenal, you will only be able to hold them off so long with free samples of spirit and smokes. Nothing says BACK OFF quite like the snappy report of an AR-15 or a few well placed shotgun blasts. Of course nothing but your own personal arsenal will do in the event of Zombie Apocalypse.

We’re not talking Concealed Carry or Stand Your Ground either. We’re talking crossed bandoleers, dual holsters, semi-auto shotgun and/or rifle, plus Concealed Carry. Think of Neo in The Matrix, you need “guns, lots of guns.”

And bullets, lots and lots of bullets … and shotgun shells, plus reloading equipment and supplies. Your extra ammo can also be used for barter. Of course make sure you can trust those you barter with using ammo, or you risk losing you alcohol and tobacco.

So there you have it. ATF … your key to survival.

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