Momma’s got tunes

Bose SoundLink Mini

Cat-Beard Manor is rocking’ the kasbah. Over the weekend I surprised the Mrs. with a new toy. She recently discovered playlists on her iPad, and, being a shut-in, having access to her tunes and/or oldtime radio podcasts (or SiriusXM oldtime internet radio) is critical. Last year I got her a set of the Bose over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones (which we both love). But she doesn’t always want to have to wear headphones and the single speaker on her iPad is a bit anemic.

The sound on this new wireless Bluetooth battery-operated speaker is really good. It fills the room and the whole house with plenty of volume.


Click on the image above to go to the Bose website or click the video below to watch a CNET review.

Cat-Beard recommended, Momma approved.

Be hearing you …

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1 thought on “Momma’s got tunes

  1. omgosh! Have an old Bose, too! Works like a charm! And Mom has a Bose in her car (Zeus, the mighty Fiat). I was sad when (olde) Mr. Bose passed away. Seemed like a good guy.


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