Cowboys and Indians

Cowboys and Indians

Two Indians walk into the saloon of a Western town.


The two Cowboys at the bar turn to look at them.


As the Cowboys watch, the Indians slowly walk up to the bar.


“What’ll it be gents?” the barkeep asks.


The Cowboys are now watching the Indians intently …


The Indians begin to talk amongst themselves …


“Well?” the bartender asks.


“Two Kingfishers please” one of the Indians replies.

“Papads and chutney?” the barkeep replies.

“Please. How’s business, Mahesh?” the other Indian asks.

“Kinda slow, but it’s spring break.”

One of the Cowboys turns to the Indians, “Sanjay, Naraj, how’s the software biz going?.”

Before either can reply, the other cowboy speaks up, sweat beading on his face, “Be sure to try today’s vindaloo. It’s killer hot. I think Mahesh made it with ghost peppers.”


And speaking of ghost peppers be sure to watch the Ghost Pepper Challenge.

8 thoughts on “Cowboys and Indians

  1. Woof! You had me there! Have I told you Mom is fascinated with India & Indian culture? She has about 7 or 8 saris in her closet that she wears for special occasion…namaste


      1. I just brought home Indian for dinner: lamb Sekh Kabob, Chicken Vindaloo, Saag Paneer, Broccoli and Onions, Peas Pulao. Had a large Kingfisher, papads and chutney while I waited for the order. I am so stuffed.


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