Typing on an iPad

As you should know by now, I maintain this blog and create all of my written content on a first generation iPad given to me by Ye Olde Kid Sister out of pity for my lack of an iPhone and other modern technology. Truth be told, my employer provided my with a giant HP laptop PC that I used for everything at work and at home. It had a whopping 2 hour battery life. I thought of it as a portable desktop with a built in UPS. Since my new position (same employer) lets me stay at my desk, I keep it chained there now.

Anyway, the iPad is FANTASTIC and I am looking forward to jumping many generations into the future this fall when the new iPads are shipping. I cannot recommend the iPad strongly enough. (Apple haters … substitute Google/Samsung/Android tablet) Tablet technology is here to stay.

But … the built-in, popup, keyboard is finicky. I don’t know if is my fat fingers, the fact that I am a hunt-and-peck typist, or auto correct, but I seem to be in a non-stop battle with my keyboard. Yeah, yeah, I know that that they make all kinds of physical keyboards for the iPad; some standalone, some attached as part of a case. But I am doing this “old school” – using the built-in keyboard (old school???)

4 thoughts on “Typing on an iPad

  1. I have an iPod touch I got for Christmas in 2010. At first I thought, no way would I be able to type on that thing. Boy, was I wrong. Somehow that mini keyboard is able to predict what I’m typing and works to put my thoughts together in a coherent and intelligible way! Shocking, really. I love my Apple product!


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