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Sunday – Lap Day

I haven’t been posting much lately. Too much “life” going on … in a good way.

I have been working in my profession since April after a difficult two years. So, yeah things are going OK. Turned the big 65 last Sunday. The “pride” is still going strong.

Bottom left clockwise: Sir Edmund Hillary, Pickles, and the grant old lady … Patches. Not a very photogenic picture, but you get the point.

299 and falling

Today marks a milestone. I finally fell through 300 pounds to hit my first goal of 299. Last December I registered 336 on my Aria (Fitbit) scale when I “officially” began my weight loss quest. 

I just checked with my doctor whose office told me that the lowest weight they had for me was 315 (fully clothed) back in 2011. I also show that I weighed 345 last April.

Today I was at 296+

My next goal is 286 … 10 pounds down from here and 50 pounds down from last December.

Wish me luck.




Acquisition Of Signal

Contacted Doug last night in Scottsbluff. Doug is in good spirits, all things considered. He is still … with good reason … pissed off.

Doug gave me cell the phone number of his friend in Alliance. I contacted friend today. Friend hopes to see Doug on Tuesday, deliver cell phone and clothes. As we need a secure channel, Doug’s cell phone will not be released. You may leave messages for him on this blog, Maggie’s blog, or his blog.

Doug’s sister, Maggie’s mom, Doug’s friend in Alliance, and I are all in contact by email and phone. 



Doug got the Care Package

Talked to Doug about an hour this evening. He is in good spirits. 

The Care Package arrived this morning but he had not seen it, so I had to contact the nurses and have them go find it for him. Eventually they did locate it and Doug and several of the staff were in enjoying the oranges and tangerines. As Denver is in the dead of winter, they were a big hit for everyone.

One of the common complications of Wegener’s granulomatosis (WG) is kidney failure and the upshot of this episode is that Doug will have to be on dialysis from here on. Fortunately there appears to be dialysis resources in his home town of Alliance Nebraska. Doug will be in Denver most likely though the end of the month. He is without computer or cell phone so his contact with the outside world is limited. I know he would love to hear from you.

Please send him your get-well wishes to

     Doug Thomas

     C/O Amberwood Court Care Center

     4686 E Ashbury Circle

     Denver CO 80222

You can also call him at  (303) 862-3040. This is a direct line to his room. If there is no answer it probably means he is in physical therapy or rehab.

Updates on Doug

Wrong address – the correct address is

Doug G. Thomas

C/O  Amberwood Court Care Center 

4686 E Asbury Circle

Denver CO 80222 

(NOT 4868 E Ashbury)

Status Update

Doug is learning how to stand up without falling down, use a walker, and how to get in and out of a wheel chair by himself. 

Please feel free to send Doug a get well card. I know he has a large blog following. I know it would chear him up.

Doug getting his mail

Care Package

Doug loves his citrus

I have a mutant orange-tangerine tree

Doug needs a care package

Doesn’t look like much in the basket, but I individually wrapped most of the oranges and tangerines and left space for additional padding to be added at the shipping facility.

 With padding … felt, bubble wrap, paper … it filled out a good sized box.

It is supposed to arrive Monday by 10 AM.

Contact Made with Doug!

I too spoke to Doug, but Maggie’s post pretty much says it all. Kathy is Doug’s sister. She replied to my reblog of Maggie’s previous post. How I tracked Doug down is a long story …


Thanks to the tireless efforts of cb (, I received Doug (Weggieboy’s) hospital phone number and was able to speak with him this afternoon.

It is my understanding that Doug’s Wegener’s Granulomatosis had been inactive for 10 years. He had a flare up, and when he didn’t show up for work, the curator of the museum he volunteers at came to his house and found him in great distress. Doug says he’s had enough of riding in ambulances! His spirits are great, but he has a long and grueling road ahead of him. The kitties, Andy & Dougy, are being cared for by kind neighbors.

Kathy, one of Doug’s relatives, gave his address at least until the end of the month, when he may be moved. If you would like to send Doug a message of support, please write to Doug Thomas, c/o Amberwood Court Care Center, 4868 E. Ashbury…

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2/5/16 Blogger down

Please reblog if you follow Doug. As soon as I have an addresss for his rehab center, I will post it for sending get well wishes.


Friends: the blogging world is unlike any other place I’ve been. I’ve met wonderful people, exchanged stories and ideas, and, like most of you, struggle to keep up with the blogs I follow. I’ve even met some of you in person and that has been a great honor.

One regular contributor that I love to see posts and pictures from is Doug (Weggieboy’s blog; I’d noticed that he hadn’t blogged anything since January 14.

Concerned, I asked another great blogger (cb; if he’d heard anything from Doug. cb was right on the case and in a matter of days was able to ascertain that Doug had fallen seriously ill and was in the hospital. (cb has his hands full like most of us do, yet he found a way and took the time to get people to give him info on Doug. I’m in awe of this guy.)

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I … can’t … keep … up

Seriously, stop blogging. Just for a day or two. 

Please …

How did it get this bad?

It started simply enough. I decided to automatically follow anyone who liked or commented on any one of my posts. Then to make sure that I read them, I went to “Blogs I Follow” and made sure I got an email notification for every new post. I figured that anyone who liked or commented on one of my posts was a like-minded spirit and would be interesting to follow. More or less this turned out to be a correct assumption.

Others turned out not so much. Some had long, rambling (boring) tl;dr posts that I just couldn’t wade through. Some posted every minute of every day and flooded my email with posts. Some posted on topics that were of absolutely no interest to me. So for these I went back to “Blogs I Follow” and turned off email notification.

Now I was down to the blogs that were interesting. Your blogs. Your stories. Your cats. Your photos. Your news. Your ideas. Your humor. Your successes. Your fears. Your emotions. All of it good. All of it interesting.


Even as I write this, the email counter ratchets upward. Notifications are coming in faster than I can delete them. But I can’t just delete them. I have to look at them in order to delete them and then I read them and then I click on the link and go to the post and then I read the comments and by the time I’m done more notifications have come in. Even worse I may decide to reblog one. By the time I’m done, yet more notifications are in my mailbox.


I originally started this blog a few years ago as a venue for writing Fiction and autobiographical history. Then I started adding cat photos. Then reblogs of interesting posts and videos. Now I can’t even keep up with the blogs I follow.



(please …)



We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.
Carl Sagan

Perhaps society has always been at war with science. Science challenges belief systems. Science threatens the status quo. Scientific thinking requires one to question everything. 

However scientific thought does not grant one the ability to throw out centuries of hard-won knowledge just because the doubter does not “believe” it. The Internet is chock full of blogs decrying the “lies” perpetuated by scientists, NASA, the media, the government. It is truly ironic that the science and technology that made computers, smart phones, tablets, and the Internet possible is the very science under attack on the Internet. So much of the “information” on the Internet is opinion and belief offered up as fact. The Internet gives everyone an equal voice.

Instead of making us smarter, the Internet is making us dumber. Our knowledge is based on “factoids” and “sound bites”. Few people bother to dig deeper. TL;DR

Sadly, I ran across this video on one of those “anti-science”, “we have been lied to” blogs. The author comments:

This is just such a great example of how sometimes the propaganda gets so heavy in it’s shaming tactics that it only serves to show how desperate and panicky the official side is seemingly becoming.

Science = propaganda 


Whatever other titles I have held during my professional career …

I proudly claim the title of Scientist.

Happy Aniversary

To me …


Summer Reruns

Or should I say “reblogs” …

The previous two posts are reblogs of earlier posts. Since I have many new followers, I have decided to reblog some of my earlier posts as the spirit moves me. I decided to do this when I saw a toddler leaving the restaurant in which I was eating dinner. The little girl was holding an iPhone. 

Kids growing up today have never known life without Google.

I grew up in the 60’s. For those of you younger than 40, try to imagine the following:

  • No HD television, no color television; I grew up with black & white TV
  • No satellite, cable, or digital television; just the standard analog network VHF channels 2 – 13 and the occasional independent UHF channel
  • No on-demand, no Roku, no Apple TV, no Netflix, no Hulu, no DVR, no DVD, no VHS; you watched what was on at the time or you waited for what you wanted to see to come on
  • No cell phone cameras, no digital cameras, no webcams, no camcorders; both still and movie cameras used film that needed to be developed before you could see the results
  • No Internet, satellite, or digital radio, no FM radio; only AM radio
  • No iTunes, no iPods, no MP3 players, no play lists, no CD players, no cassette decks; I had a record player that played vinyl 33 1/3 RPM Long Play albums or 45 RPM singles
  • No FaceTime, no Skype, no video conferencing, no iMessage, no instant messaging, no email; you talked on the phone, met in person, or wrote and mailed paper letters
  • No Facebook, no LinkedIn, no Twitter, no blogs; “networking” involved cocktail parties, golf games, business lunches, and other actual “face time”
  • No Meeting Place, no WebEx, no GoToMeeting, no Live Meeting; meetings required a physical presence somewhere
  • No smart phones, no cell phones, no satellite phones, no pagers, no texting, no answering machines; only land-line phones at home and if you needed to make a call away from home there were coin-operated “pay phones”
  • No Google/Bing/Apple/MapQuest Maps, no Google Earth, no Google Street View, no Waze, no turn-by-turn directions, no car navigation systems, no GPS; we had paper maps
  • No Google, no Bing, no Yahoo, no YouTube, no Yelp, no Siri; if you wanted to find out about something or how to do something or where something was located, you went to the library to look it up in an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, almanac, or other reference book
  • No Internet, no iPads, no laptop computers, no desktop computers, no graphing calculators, no scientific calculators, no business calculators, no basic “+ – x ÷” four-function calculators; only mechanical adding machines, slide rules, and pencil & paper

NONE OF THIS EXISTED WHEN I WAS GROWING UP. Yet all of this is here now and we all take it for granted. I am still amazed that I was alive and able to watch as it all happened.

Anyway … this is the summer of … reblogs. 🙂

Dear WordPress re: WP for iOS

An open letter to WordPress regarding WordPress for iOS

In a word – not to put it too delicately – the new version of WP for iOS … SUCKS makes me unhappy 

So much wrong, so little space to rant.

  • Preview does not work (1). Embedded videos no longer preview; only the text for the embedding displays.
  • Preview does not work (2). The “preview” does not show the banner and other attributes as it used to.
  • Selecting a post to “preview” does something that forces you to “update” or “discard” even if all you do is attempt to “preview”. What is getting changed?
  • Previously set links appear to be missing
  • Keyboard is funky. Undo … doesn’t work. Delete key was inserting newlines.

The above is my experience using WP for iOS on an iPad Air 2 with iOS 8.3.

Since I am a beta tester for WordPress, one might think I would have seen these problems ahead of time and reported them, but alas every single beta release I have attempted to install over the past few months has CRASHED ON OPEN. I have reported this to WordPress many times, but with no fix suggested. But that is a tale for another time.

I maintain my blog exclusively via iPad/iPhone. The new release version is a major set back for me. Maybe this performance is specific to my environment, if so, I am a single unhappy user. But if others are experiencing a similar user experience … how many other unhappy users are out there?

How I long for the days when I was happy. It seems so long ago, but it was only yesterday.

So Happiness Engineers … I challenge you to once again make me happy.


After several attempts to preview this post I got the following:

So rather than pasting in the loooooong password I got from WordPress many moons ago, I tried typing it in directly.  Ah Ha this new password does not appear to allow spaces (no space bar). My old password supplied by WP had spaces after ever four character quartet (ie. ab1c de2f gh3i jk4l).


Now I am even more unhappy that I have to change my password. 😦


I uninstalled / reinstalled WP from the App Store. Used my old login ID and password; it was accepted. Preview still does not work. I am still unhappy.


OK, this is weird. If I select a “published” post (like this one) it immediately provide the update option. Preview fails with or without updating … BUT if you try to back out and choose Discard the “eye | gear | update” changes to “eye | edit”. Clicking the “eye” yields a correct preview.

HOWEVER, if you choose a “draft” post and try the same logic you get the “Error: The password field is empty.” dialog shown above, requesting login.

So … the functionality is there … sort of … but jumbled and defective.

Still not happy, but I do enjoy troubleshooting. All of this has a strange déjà vu to it.

Where have I been?

Maggie asked me where I had been in a comment to the previous post. 

 Hmm … yeah … well …

Work … home … hospital … doctor appointments … road trip … life.

Mrs was briefly hospitalized due to an MS flare up. Followed by endless doctor appointments.

Despite the drop in the price of oil and the associated domestic oil industry cutbacks and drilling curtailment, I still have a job. Many of my friends and associates weren’t so lucky. Still waiting for the other shoe to fall.

Took a road trip to Denver for a wedding that almost didn’t happen due to a lost pet. Long story.

Saw a big wiener …



Drove through Roswell.


Saw the place I lived in during college. My how it has changed (more on that in a later post).


Ate breakfast near the Denver Capitol.


Drove home through Waco and visited the Texas Ranger Museum then drove out to McGreggor to find the SpaceX test facility.



The guards politely told us to turn around and leave. The guard shack looked new, but they wouldn’t let me take a picture of it or the big SpaceX sign in front of it. Talk about high security. I’ll have to be satisfied with the YouTube tour.

The security was obviously much higher than when this next video was filmed in 2010.

21st Century I.P.

This in response to a 30 second clip of Steppenwolf’s Born to Be Wild as the sound track to The Race.

How do other folks manage to upload entires albums, movies, etc. to YouTube and Vimeo?

I have reblogged an earlier rant below.

More on The Race in my next post. Stay tuned …



Hey Googstapos … To paraphrase Arlo Guthrie, “You’ve got at lot of damn gall to come after folks who include copyrighted music in their YouTube videos when you collect and store FOREVER every damn bit of personal information you can about us to be used against us to try to sell us crap we don’t need!”

OK … That about sums up the rest of this post. This is an incoherent rant. Deal with it.

Weggieboy’s comments on my JOSIV5 post hit a nerve.

Now I am not a lawyer and I don’t even play one on TV, so I have no legal insight here. But consider the following: let’s say

    I invite you to my house to listen to my LP record of C. W. McCall’s Convoy
    I invite you to my house to listen to my 8-track of C. W. McCall’s Convoy
    I invite you to my…

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“We are passionate about making the web a better place.”

Discovered this via the iOS app

Me > Settings > About

by touching the

I did not realize just how much Automattic was into:










Code Poet VIP


WP for iOS

WP for Android

P2 Theme



WordCamp SF

You are already familiar with some of these products if you blog on WordPress, but there is so much more. 

Find out more at

182 Days

3:09 AM on November 29th and I just calculated (using one of those web calculators) that it has been 182 Days since I last published anything on The Nudist War (TNW). 

What can I say? What excuse can I give? Writer’s block? Too busy at work? Too busy at home? Lack of interest?

The truth is most likely all of the above. Writing The Nudist War was an escape from reality, an escape from life. Now I am in the thick of both. Too tired or busy to write after work at night. Otherwise occupied on the weekends.

Sure I blog (or re-blog) the odd bit of news that interests me. The cats continue to be somehow more photogenic everyday. I even continue to get new followers. But I am not writing. Not writing. 

I closely follow the stock market, nursing my 401k along. Buying low, selling high, developing a sense of timing that has held true for many quarters. “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful” ~ Warren Buffet. I raise cash at the top and buy hand over fist at the bottom. Well that’s the plan at least. Like most investors I buy too soon (running out of cash) and sell too soon (not raising as much cash as I could).

As I write this, all three cats are piled on top of me. The Pickle boy just plopped his massive frame under my chin – purring loudly. Hillary and Patches are in their usual spots.

It’s not as if I haven’t been thinking about TNW, I have, quite a bit over these past few months. I have a number of plot developments and plot twist in mind, I just haven’t been able to get off my ass and get back to writing. I am taking a few days of vacation through Critmas (Dec 2), so maybe I can finish the next chapter.


I am currently re-reading George Orwell’s 1984, published interestingly enough in 1948. There is talk of yet another remake of the novel into a movie (see IMDB), the first being in 1956, the later in … conveniently enough … 1984.

A world constantly at war, justifying constant surveillance, sound familiar?

In truth, it appears to be modeled more after the worst (truth and fiction) of the old Soviet Union, yet it could easily be remade to reflect more modern times (even down to the flat panel vid screens hanging on the walls and cubicles for the workers, except that the cubicles of Orwell’s 1984 appear to be bigger than the ones I am used to seeing).

If you had to read it in grade school and have long forgotten it … or have never read it … go get a copy and read it. Amazon, iBooks, used book stores – all good places to buy it on the cheap.

1984 may not have been like “1984”, but 2014 has just enough similarities to make one ever so slightly uncomfortable if one thinks about it too much.

Also just over 30 years ago …


This is the edited reblog text [NORMAL]

This text is BOLD

This text is ITALIC

This text is UNDERLINED


This is a test of the WP for iOS beta interactive editor. [NORMAL]

This is only a test. [BOLD]

If this had been an actual post you would have been instructed to use WordPress for all of your blogging needs. [ITALIC]

This concludes the test of the WP for iOS beta. [UNDERLINED]

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A Brief History of Everything

Continue reading A Brief History of Everything

Summer Reruns

As summer approaches, I will be reblogging selective posts … reruns … if you haven’t read them they will be new to you.

The Nudist War will also go on hiatus following the May 25th posting of TNW – Day 56. Life is getting in the way of writing. In the grand tradition of summer reruns I will be repeating The Nudist War, if you have resisted reading it, now is your chance.



Fixed by WordPress for iOS 4.0.2

Released 15 Apr 2015

I’m playing whack-a-mole

I’m playing whack-a-mole

WordPress for iOS

Is just like whack-a-mole

• • •

First: Dates saved based on Time Zone offset, so when ever I edited a post the time regressed. Eventually the date changed and all my links broke.

Then: I learned about scheduling. This was a workaround because I could change the date.

Next: WP released an update that fixed the time offset problem. I got used to future scheduling.

Then: The Preview functionality stopped working. It coincidentally stopped working about the time we all started getting Invalid Certificate warnings.

So: I found a workaround

Now: I can no longer schedule posts for the future. All my posts are Immediate. The scheduling feature is what I use to space out my posts. The option is still there … It just doesn’t work. 😦

Markovich Arts


Additionally also maps to

Recreating website at different URL (???)

============= a fellow WordPress site has dissappeared. It now remaps to

Markovich Arts: The Bliss of Reality by Alex Markovich from Belgorod, Russia was a compendium of the author’s photography and short stories, plus a wealth of photos and stories submitted by others (including your’s truly). I had reblogged some article’s from it. There was much of interest there.

Alex Markovich’s email account ( no longer exists.


The internet is ephemeral.

Time Warp

With a bit of a mind flip, you’re into the time-slip, and nothing can ever be the same.

~ Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975


Let’s do the Time Warp again

Several posts ago, I told you that I had figured out how to schedule posts into the future. If you look at the posting time for all of the TNW – Day nn chapters, you will see that they are all posted, that is scheduled, for Sunday at 2:00 AM.


Except for TNW – Day 45

When I tried to schedule it for 2 AM, the 2 was grayed out. No matter how hard I tried, it would jump back to 1 or ahead to 3. It was frustrating, but I ended up scheduling it for 1:05 AM and thought nothing more about it.

It just occurred to me a short while ago …

2 AM didn’t exist.

The 2 o’clock hour didn’t exist.

With a bit of a mind flip, you’re into the time-slip, and nothing can ever be the same.

• • •

What would aliens say when told Earthlings shift clocks twice a year to fool themselves into thinking there’s more sunlight.

~ Neil deGrasse Tyson via Twitter

Status Update

So, what’s going on with Contrafactual?

Basically, I’m getting serious about The Nudist War. I’m revising it with the intent of having something that would be in a better format to be publishable. I am re-reading each ‘Day’, fixing typos, fixing the formatting, and adding some additional content. I have scheduled the release of a new ‘Day’ for every Sunday and those will continue out into the future. I will keep the old ‘Day’s for historical reference, but you will need to ‘search’ for them.

To my old readers, I apologize for the delay in getting the new ‘Day’s out, but this is something I had to do. I invite you to start from the beginning of The Nudist War, it will be familiar, but I have made some minor changes.

To my new readers, I hope you will enjoy The Nudist War it is a zombie novel … with a twist.

Thank you again for all of your readership and following in the past and I hope that I can continue to entertain you in the future.



Every cloud has a sliver lining

I’m not talking about the cloud, I’m talking about real clouds … metaphorically. Bad things can have positive aspects.

Someone stole all my wife’s credit cards. But I haven’t reported it because he’s spending less than she did.

OK, it’s an old joke. No one stole my wife’s credit cards.

The cloud in question is the problems I documented in previous blogs concerning the 3.9 release of Automattic’s iPhone App.

In learning to compensate for the timestamp issue, I discovered scheduling.

Now that 3.9.1 is out, I am using it heavily. I have already scheduled through TNW – Day 45 every Sunday into the future.

I can also schedule in the future, save, and preview seeing it exactly how it will be … without your ever seeing it until I have discovered every last typo (well in theory at least).

I am writing this at 10:30 PM CST (UTC -6) on February 12, but it will post as shown below.




The Nudist War, iOS app 3.9.1, …

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
This issue has been fixed in 3.9.1
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


The WordPress iOS app 3.9.1 should fix the timestamp problem with updates, which appears to be an issue with local time vs UTC.

I won’t do any more updates to older posts until 3.9.1 comes out. Until then, if you are a new reader, you will need search on ‘Day 42’, ‘Day 43’, etc. to compensate for the broken links.

Once the 3.9.1 app release is out, I plan to repost Day 42, 43, 44 etc. with revisions starting at some current future date. I will leave the original posts in place for historical reference.

I have chosen The Nudist War as the title of the novel with Day 42 still the first chapter. I think that I will title the first post The Nudist War with subsequent posts titled TNW Day 43, TNW Day 43, TNW Day 44, etc.

I am also eagerly awaiting the March(?) release of iOS 7.1, which is anticipated to have better memory management and bug fixes for iPads and iPhone.

Other than troubleshooting the timestamp/date/URL issue on iOS app 3.9 and loosing my sanity, I have been work aggressively on TNW Day 54. As they say … the plot thickens. 🙂


The Nudist War, TNW, Day42, HZV Copyright © 2013 by Christian Bergman, All rights reserved.

I am not crazy

Well OK … maybe a little bit

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
This issue has been fixed in 3.9.1
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

But at least the WP folks are aware of the Timestamp/URL issue I have been troubleshooting with iPhone App 3.9