iPhone Observations

So … After my first weekend with the iPhone 5s, I have some observations to make:

Keeping in mind that this is my first smart phone of any kind …

  1. I really like the power to investigate anything I want at any time without worrying about finding a WiFi hot spot
  2. The iPhone fits easily in my pocket
  3. I can carry my entire music collection on it @64GB, with room to spare
  4. Most websites are easy to read
  5. But some aren’t
  6. I would not want to have to give up my iPad for the small screen of the iPhone
  7. I wouldn’t want to maintain this blog with the iPhone on a regular basis
  8. The iPhone 5s appears to have a really good camera with many nice features (but no zoom, including a zoom), HD video with slo-mo, burst mode, better low light without flash, better color corrected flash
  9. Taking pictures with an iPhone is less cumbersome than using an iPad (and you look less dorky)
  10. The finger print security is seamless and easier and faster than keying in a code

There has been some hoopla about hackers finding a way to by-pass the finger print security. But when you look deeper, it involves getting both your phone and your finger print and some esoteric process of making a synthetic copy of your finger
print. This is spook stuff (spooks as in NSA, CIA, KGB, MI5, etc.).

In day to day use the finger print authentication is PDA*. This is truly an example of Arthur C. Clark’s “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

The 64-bit A7 chip is blazing fast; all of the usual online experts agree. I can’t wait to see next month’s iPads running on this.

* Pretty Damn Awesome

2 thoughts on “iPhone Observations

  1. Great review of the phone sweeping the continent. I really enjoy Apple interfaces. The 5s interface is entirely new since it comes with iOS 7. So now there’s a whole generation who are used to the older one that came with last year’s model who have to relearn the way their phone works, which is cool since it’s an easy thing to do anyway!


  2. Jack,

    Thank you for kind words.

    Since I never had an iPhone or even iOS 6 on my iPad, I don’t know what’s new to the iPad 5s, to iOS 7, or just “new to me”. I am typing this on the olde iPad gen 1 as the iPhone is charging. I notice that the iPhone seems to run down to 20% after about 10 hours, but it also seems to fully charge in about an hour (totally untested and undocumented).

    The problem for me is the desire for a wide screen device that will fit in my pocket. The “Laws of Physics” are agin’ me.


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