More iPhone 5s observations

I’m dictating this again. The dictating really is very good on this machine. It’s good as long as I make short sentences. I find that sometimes with very long sentences it tends to get hung up. Other than that I think the dictation works really well and probably should be used more often than it is.

I have now had the iPhone 5s for over a week. I find that it works very well for watching videos whether they are YouTube or actual movies. As I mentioned the dictation is good. The typewriter is a bit small for my fingers. Also some websites don’t seem to scale to the screen in a easily readable fashion. I still find that the larger screen size of the iPad makes it much better for reading websites.

All in all I love the iPhone 5S, however I am looking forward to the next generation iPad and iPad and iPad Mini when they come out next month. I do hope that I will be able to afford to buy one before the end of the year. I think I will go back and read the Desiderata just in case.

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