In addition to an overabundance of cuteness, Hillary has a number of bizarre behavioral habits. This may be due to insecurity at having been orphaned at such a young age (see Cat Tales – Pickles and Hillary).

Hillary ‘nurses’. We have many ‘blankys’ around the house that Mrs and I use in bed or on the recliner sofa. One blanky in particular, a snowflake pattern blanky must remind Hillary of his mommy because he will frequently nurse on it. We call it Hillary’s blanky.

1 thought on “‘Nursing’

  1. My cat Dougy used to creep me out by getting into my beard to try to find “Mommy”! Ha!

    My other cat, Andy, comes into my bedroom when I’m sitting on the edge of the bed trying to convince myself I can get up. He hops up on the bed, kneads my pillows, then hops down if i interrupt him by petting him. Another “Mommy moment”!

    Another very agreeable cat video, Chris! Your cats are beautiful creatures, and worthy video stars!


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