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Kittens First Night Home

They just keep getting cuter ..

(Not mine)

Fredrick, Lilly, & Franklin

Since I was so rude and never actually put up their first photos… I will try to redeem myself with these amazingly adorable pics!



It’s so crazy how scared Lilly was when we first brought her home. Now she is the biggest cuddle bug and loves to be around us!



Click Here to see the entire album from the kittens first night!




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In addition to an overabundance of cuteness, Hillary has a number of bizarre behavioral habits. This may be due to insecurity at having been orphaned at such a young age (see Cat Tales – Pickles and Hillary).

Hillary ‘nurses’. We have many ‘blankys’ around the house that Mrs and I use in bed or on the recliner sofa. One blanky in particular, a snowflake pattern blanky must remind Hillary of his mommy because he will frequently nurse on it. We call it Hillary’s blanky.