So my neighbor sends me the following email:

Hey all,

Please forward this to all of your mailbox addresses and ask them to do the same.

I bought a policy from this company (CHOICE HOME WARRANTY) and the sales rep told me that if they couldn’t repair an item it would be replaced as long as regular maintenance was kept up. I have regular maint on my equip, but the company still will not repair my furnace as “valves are not covered” and then the Director of the company named Alex who reports to no one but the President of the Company told me that no sales rep told me that. I beg to differ with Alex, but when I told him the rep did say that, Alex said that was not true and to me, he may just have called me a liar. Please do not buy a policy from CHOICE HOME WARRANTY and make sure that all your friends get the info.

Let the country know this outfit (CHOICE HOME WARRANTY) might insinuate that you are a liar as well, and that my friends came at the cost of $1,125.00.

He was obviously angry

So I did some web sleuthing …

My neighbor is not alone in his frustration:



Just something to consider …


If you read through the complaints detailed in the links above, you will see a common thread – failure to make good on claims and extremely poor customer service.

1 thought on “Rip-off

  1. Mom has been having issues with Comcast Cable that are similar…my humans spent 2 hours on the phone with them Monday night. I have never seen Dad’s face that particular shade before. Thank you for posting, and I hope your neighbor gets this resolved. Woof!


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