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This issue has been fixed in 3.9.1


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… You can help!

Read the previous post or the previous several posts. Every time I update a post, the timestamp gets reset to an earlier time. Update enough and it gets reset to an earlier day – this changes the URL and breaks retrospective links.

Would you please repeat my steps, just update a post several times (add space, add a word, delete a word) and note the time stamp. If it changes, reply to this post.

Am I the only one having this problem?

10 thoughts on “If you are reading this …

  1. I found that I can set the date on the far right side of a new post. Try adjusting the posts that way, it might solve your problem.


  2. I’m having the same problem, but mine is going the other way: if I edit a post on the wordpress app on my iphone, the time for the post gets pushed out by 11 hours.

    Here’s what happened:

    I just had a scheduled post go live — scheduled via web access to my site, not via the app — and I spotted a typo. Quickly jumped on my phone to correct it and suddenly found that my published post was now unpublished and scheduled for publication in 11 hours time.

    It’s a timezone bug. In my case I’m in Australia. For whatever reason the ios app is using the local time from my phone but treating it as if it is UTC, it’s then converting that back into “local time” by adding on another 11 hours.

    I found I could work around the problem by “scheduling” the post for 11 hours in the past (local time) and it suddenly went back to being live.

    I suspect you are located somewhere in a timezone that is UTC-6? That would explain why your posts are jumping back by 6 hours every time you update them.


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