Speaking ‘Cat’

Through my many years of cat ownership, I feel confident to say that I understand ‘Cat’ speak.

You see, cats are very self-centered. It’s all about them.

Meow? (Rising) … Me?

Me-yow? (Rising) … (For) Me ?

Myow myow (emphatic) … Me (too) me (too)

MYOW (short) … (Leave) Me (Alone)

Myew (quiet) … (Who) Me?

Myew myew … (Luv) Me (luv) Me

MEOW (Desperate) … (Feed) Me

• • •

Try out your new-found knowledge of ‘cat speak’ on the following video …

3 thoughts on “Speaking ‘Cat’

  1. As beautiful as your cats are, they are even more beautiful in video snippets! I hope you share more video of them. (I’d say you are fully fluent in “Catinese”!)


    1. Other than feeding time they mostly just lie around. Video would be a waste. Also stills are faster to upload. Video also runs the risk of showing off my extreme clutter.

      But I will take your suggestion to heart. I also need to show more of Patches. She is a sweet old girl who, although less “in you face” about affection than Hillary, is actually my steadfast companion.


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