4 thoughts on “Conference call

  1. Is it really that bad? I thought company’s supplies their workers with computers. So they would all be on the same formate.

    Matt Noble


    1. The video is of a telephone conference call as if every one were in the same room and not on the phone at home, at Starbucks, or driving in their car. Yes it is actual that bad. The video is extremely true to life.

      Regarding mixed computer environments: many concalls are between folks of different companies collaborating on a common project.


  2. Most meetings come down to whatever the scribe/secretary/person who takes minutes says they were about.

    Personally, I volunteered to take minutes many times because it was how I stayed awake while everyone ignored the agenda.

    No one ever suggested additions, corrections, deletions to any minutes I sent around for review, which suggested to me it was easier to accept my version of the truth than to get selected to take the minutes at the next meeting, a fate often to befall people who had too many ideas about what was wrong about the official minutes.

    I’m glad I’m retired! The video was an exaggeration, of course, but less so than one might think. 😉


    1. Not an exaggeration compared to the meetings I’ve attended … complete with barking dog.

      What they don’t show is someone putting the call on hold that plays Muzak while you wait, effectively drowning out the rest if the discussion.


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