Apple TV Could Become A Home For HomeKit Smart Devices

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Apple’s HomeKit is still in its earliest days, with the connected home framework technically shipping with iOS 8 but not offering up any consumer endpoints to explore just yet. The latest beta of the Apple TV operating software shows (via AppleInsider) we could be nearing more visible HomeKit feature debuts, however, as it sets up the streaming set-top box to become a smart home hub, providing an overview of all your connected smart devices.

The beta for Apple TV has contained HomeKit references before, but they were hidden deep and removed when reported on by eagle-eyed blogs. This time, Apple is making the HomeKit integration explicit, and using the software treats the media streamer as a HomeKit peer, meaning it could allow users to control their smart systems even remotely when they’re away from home.

Apple TV as a hub, in the way SmartThings uses its own hardware gateway…

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